Monday, May 9, 2011

The Case of the cock-eyed map of Cork.

Today's adventure began with an extended tour of Cork -- on foot. Normally I am a good navigator, as my children and several of my friends can attest.  Give me a compass, and a map, and I can get you anywhere...if the map is accurate. A 2-mile walk in the wrong direction was a testimony to this principle. We somehow took a wrong turn on our way to the English Market and ended up completely on the wrong end of town.  A friendly woman walking past and a local Java Juice employee put us on the right track and we eventually made it to our destination.

on the road to Killarney
A delicious breakfast at the Farmgate Cafe followed by a pleasant walk back to the hotel completed our morning. We hauled our luggage to the bus station and boarded the #40 to Killarney.  The ride was interesting as the terrain changes quite a bit, becoming very rocky and rugged. Occasional heavy rain punctuated the trip, along with sporadic periods of sunshine.  We made it safely to Killarney and a very pleasant cabbie drove us to the hotel, providing helpful information along the way. The Killarney Oaks Hotel is lovely, but the wi-fi connection in the room is so weak it is almost non-existent.  Thank goodness the lobby is so nice and comfortable, because it has the only decent internet connection. 

on the road to Killarney

After checking in, we took the 2 1/2 mile walk up to the town center and had a look around.  We stopped at Corcoran's to schedule a couple of tours to the Ring of Kerry, and Killarney National Park and surrounding area.  Sean and Eric were so nice and very helpful. Tomorrow we tour the Ring of Kerry, with it's stunning scenery.  Wednesday it's the park, Ross Castle, and other sights in and around Killarney.  We have been blessed with wonderful weather, so far, and hope that it continues for the next few days.